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selected presentation activity

(2018) “Becoming an Insight-driven Organization” (with primary guest speaker Mark Dufresne).

  • Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba (invited speaker for Victor Cui, March).

(2016) “A Puzzle Concerning Evidence, Belief, and Credence.”

  • MuST 9: Evidence, Inference, and Risk, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, March.
  • Université de Montréal (invited speaker), February.
  • University of Manitoba (invited speaker), February.

(2014-15) “When Obstinacy is a Better (Cognitive) Policy.”

  • The Formal Epistemology Workshop, Washington University in St. Louis, May (2015).
  • The Norms of Inquiry Workshop, session on stability and belief with Kenny Easwaran and Branden Fitelson, New York University, February.
  • The Inductive Logic and Confirmation in Science Workshop, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, October (2014).
  • Invited colloquium speaker at the University of Manitoba, October (2014).

(2014) “Plans, Persistent Possibilities, and Probabilistic Belief States.”

  • The Society for Exact Philosophy, Caltech, Pasadena, June.

(2013-14) “Existence and the Cognitive Event-type Theory of Propositions.”

  • APA Pacific Division, San Diego, March (2014).
  • Western Canadian Philosophical Association meeting, Winnipeg, October.

(November, 2012) “A Normatively Adequate Credal Reductivism.”

  • Arché/CSMN Graduate Student Conference, University of Oslo.

(2011) “The ‘Real Self’ - A Frankfurtian Account.”

  • Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (poster presentation), University of Colorado, August.
  • Princeton-Rutgers Graduate Philosophy Conference, Princeton, March.

(2011) “Taking Confirmation First: Towards a Naive Conception of Confirmation Theory.”

  • Society for Exact Philosophy, Winnipeg, June.
  • Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Conference, UC Davis, March.
  • Pitt-CMU Graduate Conference, Carnegie Mellon University, March.
  • The 33rd Annual Graduate Student Philosophy Conference at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, March.

(April, 2009) “The Paradox of Confirmation Generalized.”

  • City University of New York 12th Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference, CUNY.

(May, 2006) “Simplicity, Bayes’ Theorem and Subjectivity.”

  • Canadian Philosophical Association Congress, York University.

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